VIRTUAL Julebyen 2020

Knife River, Minnesota

Julebyen 2020 is ONLINE ONLY
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Julebyen (pronounced YOOL-eh-BE-en) means "Christmas Village". It is a centuries-old Scandinavian and German tradition celebrated with ethnic foods, crafts, holiday decorations, and music. This December, Knife River (a fishing village of the North Shore of Lake Superior just north of Duluth) is home to a VIRTUAL (ONLINE ONLY) unique Julebyen fest.

At the VIRTUAL JULEBYEN you will find:

* An Online Market with foods and unique, hand-made gifts by local artisans.
* Online Troll Village , with a book corner meet regional authors and illustrators) and a variety of recreational exhibits and vendors.

Visit us online and enjoy the celebration!

Introducing the Hidden Folk Trail!

There have been signs of "hidden folk" along the trail starting at the Shilhon trailhead. (map) Families may hike the 0.9 mile trail and along the way look for these signs while reading a story written by Lise Lunge Larsen and learning about the Hidden Folk. They may play on an obstacle course, make music in the woods, and decorate trees for the animals. The trail will be accessible from Dec 4 - Jan 1. It starts at the Shilhon trailhead and goes to the lower trail outlet on Shilhon Road where people will then continue with the trail walk back up along Shilhon road to their cars.
This is a COVID safe opportunity for individuals and familes to get out of the house and celebrate in the Christmas season.

The Troll Patrol

Is the Knife River area infested with trolls? What can be done? Watch a video of the Julebyen Troll Patrol in action. Troll Patrol

For further information contact:
Carol Ojard Carlson, Julebyen Chair
PO Box 245, Knife River, Mn. 55609
Phone: (218) 834-5950